Good Read


I’m not gonna lie, I dont read alot of books. I prefer much more to write, but I came across this book when I was taking a course on happiness. Its called Happier by Tal-Ben Shahar. this dude is the man at havard! One of his Classes was the fastest growing course at harvard. The class size quadrupled after one semester. he teaches Different courses on happiness and this Book “Happier” is the sequel to his first Book “happiness” its also used as a text book. For those you out there that are in the pursuit of happiness and even those that are pretty damn happy there are little tidbits in there to make you happier in every area of life. Although by no means do i consider myself a celeb i find it hard sometimes to trust people particularly of the female sort when i notice their feelings towards me change after they see me perform and a little store in there about him winning a chest championship and adjust to the notoriety from it helped me a lot he recalls saying so his mom

“I want women to want me for who I am, not beasue I am a national chess champion”

his mom said

“Your being a national Chess champion is who you are,of,amongst other things,your passion & dedication”

The External Attracted more Attention to the internal

Dope Book Check it out.

I am a chess champion


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