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Well said

July 30, 2010


Woman sees Sex And The City, has sex with 1,000 men |

July 28, 2010

#1,000 was quoted as saying “ITS LIKE THROWING A HOTDOG DOWN A HALLWAY!!!”

via Woman sees Sex And The City, has sex with 1,000 men |

Final 4 err 5 hours

July 25, 2010

so as promised here is  some footage of the final 5 hours of my chest piece getting finished up. threw a little explanation in there for the whole piece. I type this to you as I am sitting at a tattoo party that I am hosting that was put on my the man that narrated this video my Dude compton. So its only right that at this place, I post this blog. enjoy

Back for More: Soul Singer Bilal Returns

July 19, 2010

Back for More: Soul Singer Bilal Returns.

time i stepped on stage, I was kinda crazy, but after seeing his shows and the wild shit he does onstage, it really Inspired me to cut loose and just leave it all onstage. if you Dont know his Music, Go back and get “1st born second” and since it was shelved by interscope I guess I can tell you to find and Download “Love for sale” a classic never released. Any Ways Looks like he got all the legal record Label spider webs Off and is Now finally releasing some new material on sept 14th! I cant  wait. here is a Video i stumbled upon of him out in PARIS(how appropriate) performing a new song. his voice still amazes me. Check out this interview I found and the Video

Session 2, Chest Piece

July 18, 2010

this is some video of me on the second session of my chest Piece.This was the most Painfull session. Hurt Like a Bitch! but I thugged it out! Sorry it took so long to post it up, Anybody whos been to a show lately has seen the finish product being that my shirt always finds it way off. Stay tuned for the last session In wHich I give a Full explanation of the story behind the tattoo.

wasted Time

July 16, 2010

Im soo Pissed! I wasted all that time working out when i coulda just went to brazil and got some Muscle Implants and Looked cool like this Guy! Damn!