You Got Balls!!


so besides Loud music, Pretty womenz and Fashion one other thing mercy and I love is Food. we keep a list of resturaunts that we have gone to and loved and trade spots with each other, so every now and then we are gonna be hitting you with different spots in N.Y. and where-ever else this music takes us, that have good eats.

The first spot I wanna talk about is a place I fell in love with the moment i walked in the Door. its The MeatBall Shop on 85 stanton. I saw this place on 2 different T.v. shows in 2 days so I knew I had to go. You step in the door and its a quaint Little spot. you can sit at the bar, get a table for two or join some strangers at the middle table to have a thanks giving style setting. The staff from the host at the door to the waitresses are really really Cool and laid Back. Even one of the chefs struck up a convo with me while i was waiting for the bathroom, which looks like the bathroom in a hipster Loft in willaimsburg. The kitchen is in wide open view and I could see that hacking up a whole goat to get ready for the weekends Special.

Now to the food they Don’t just serve the classic Meat ball, they have different types from Beef, spicy pork, chicken, veggie and a special of the day, then they have 4 different sauces you can pick from, and pastas and other sides you can have with them. they also give you the option of having them on 3 Different sandwiches which range from Sliders to Full on heros. Needless to say my greedy ass wanted to try them all. and I think we Did. And it was all Awesome….and Pretty damn Cheap….

I left Satisfied and Ready For a Nap.


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