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I’ll see you there

March 30, 2010

This is A pretty dope idea. I Love Pop-Up Shops…I’ll see you there friday



March 20, 2010

so Im so Geeked! i just check out video of patrick stumps performance at south by southwest last night!!! I woulda gave up one of my guitars to be at that show. Either way besides the technical difficulties the new song is dope. I have always been a fan of the one man show. This one is Sick. Dude is Slimmed down crazy. reminds me of a young rob thomas with the songs. I cant wait for the album. Enjoy

Riot x Effing Typeface

March 3, 2010

A new NSFW (Not.Safe.For.Work) typeface recently came on the digital scene and has been making lots of noise. So we went ahead and tried to see how “Riot !n Paris” would look. There’s no exclamation point, so we had to keep the “i” – for the rest of the letters go here.