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4 Hours In the chair part.1

February 26, 2010

here is little video of me getting my New chest Piece Started. a 4 hour session straight on the chest!!! I thugged it out tho! up date coming soon!!! 


New Alife Collection is Looking real Dope !!

February 24, 2010

I have been on a crusade to bring the wallabee back this year and i think these might be the ones. they are gonna look sick with some skinny/slim jeans

These are some real Simple Pimsol’s Too. I like the fact they are going simple this season. cause they were O.d’ing with them patent leather shiny shits for the last 2 years. alife. I think Im coming HOme!

And Im a Sucka For Chukkas. Alife ya doing ya thing!

I would say go to their website to check this stuff out, but its not on there yet. I just Noticed that the email says “IN Stores Now!” So Im Off!!!

Riot !n Paris – On To Something (in the studio)

February 11, 2010

Check it out as Pete and Mercy collaborate to make an epic track for all the dreamchasers and a big F you to all the dreamhaters!

1 Of my Favorite Bands New Video!!

February 3, 2010

so the cold war Kids. who i saw last week in brooklyn, (they Killed it by the way. So Good) Dropped  video to R.i.P’s Favorite song right now. I think we cant head to show or go thru a rehearsal without Pumping this song at least once. its Called “Audience” the video is crazy because they casted all thier real life girlfriends in it. Cute Sentiment Now….But if that shit Dont work out, they got an akward moment on  Film FOrever!!!


Also Although i am deeply Sadden by the hiatus that Fall Out Boy is on. my hopes have come true! Patrick Stump is Dropping a solo album! I’m really geeked out about it. he put up this dope video on his website. that says it all Click here to check it out!