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May The Force Be With you

January 23, 2010

now By no means I am a big starwars fan. But some People I know put me on to this Collabo that addidas is Doing with starwars. they are doing sneakers And Clothing. They got some dope ass pieces and the starwars fans are lining up already. Here are some Pics of the ones I think are Pretty damn Dope and yes I Would Wear the Track Jacket

The SkyWalkers are pretty Dope. For more info on the collection and to see the rest of the Pieces Click here


The A-Team is Back!

January 12, 2010

yo they got a new A-Team Movie Coming out and not only is the cast not that bad But it looks Pretty Damn Good!

Click Here to check out the trailer

My new Favorite Video!

January 7, 2010

tuned into MTV2 this morning to catch up on some videos. this is my first time hearing of this band and seeing this video and it was Amazing!!! Blew me Away. reminded me of Momento

Let Agree To Disagree..My Top 10’s

January 6, 2010

So  I have been doing this every year for the past couple. This year was one of the hardest, because there weren’t too many albums I brought this year, but the ones that I did buy were really good. So the top 3 list was the hardest. I also included my top songs of 09 now also. Just remember this is My “Favorites” not the top selling or  most popular. You might notice that a couple of these selections came out in 08, but dammit I didn’t Hear them until 09 so I let a couple slide! Is that cool? Good. Also I don’t own every Album in the world so if its not mentioned I might not own it or simply  I didn’t like it enough to make my list. So Lets Agree to Disagree

Top Songs

10-Hero of War(Rise Against/Appeal To Reason)

In a post bush era I have not heard a song the captures what a soldier really goes thru the way this song did. Its hard not to get emotional listening to it. Every time.

9-Look Alive(Incubus/Monuments and Melodies)

Incubus is one of my all time favorite bands. I feel like their album “Make Yourself” is partly responsible for the man I am today. So they drop this greatest hits album and it has like 10 really dope unheard of songs, that could have totally been a new album. But this song is just Dope. It has an urgency to it that I love.

8-Underneath The Veil(Chester French/Love The Future)

although there wasn’t room on my list for this album I did love it and this seems to be most people who has it that I know, favorite song. It’s dark and has this wild west feel to it to me. And a random tap-dance anything with a stop and go style beat I’m a sucker for anyhow.

7-Bum Bag(The Zutons/You Can Do Anything)

been a big fan of the zutons for a while now. It sucks cause this album their 3rd was not available in iTunes in the U.S. I had to result to Downloading it. Guilt. When I first saw the title for this song I assumed it was gonna but its sick. The chorus is catchy as hell. If it’s playing and I’m walking thru the streets I’m singing it out loud.

6-Tears Into Wine(Billy Talent/Billy Talent III)

It’s just something about the way that Ben Kowalewicz and Ian D’Sa voices work together on this song that just makes it magic.

5-Savior(Rise Against/Appeal To Reason)

that’s right rise against makes it on to my list twice! This song is probably one of the songs I played the most in 09 period the emotion in the voice is Insane. There’s some dope panning on it to so it u take out one of your earphones u only hear the vocals. Its pretty dope

4-Chains,Chains,Chains(Elvis Perkins In Dearland/Self Titled)

I would say until about September this song was a shoe-in for my Song of the year. Elvis Perkins knows how to make u sad and love it at the same time! The song was not even my first favorite on the album but it grew on me so much. The lyrics are insane and the horn break is pretty sick. It says it all with no words

3-Audience of One(Cold War Kids/Behave Yourself EP)

This might be one of the cold war kids best songs. I don’t know if its brand new or just a B-side but if a song can be close to perfect this one is it! The beat is insane, cold war Kids as a band has always made dope music and this is no exception. And the chorus is even crazier. The lyrics are dope and Nathans voice has never sounded better

2-Edge of Desire(John Mayer/Battle Studies)

There are like 5 songs of that album that could have made this list but this song is one of the best he has ever made if u ask me. Its definitely lyric driven and with the vocals you can hear the loneliness and the want in his voice. This is the one I you see me singing when u pulled up next to me at the Stop Light.

1-CornerStone(Arctic Monkeys/HumBug)

Arctic monkeys are one of my top3 favorite bands. They  have always been know for their fast paced stop-n-go style, so it a testament to their musicianship that they make this slow song that is pretty much Insane! When I first heard the song I wasn’t in love with it until I got to the last 4 lines of the song. As hard as it is to believe the last lines of the song makes your love the whole song. This is one of those songs that I hear and say to myself “I wish I wrote that shit!”

Top Albums

10-Blue Print 3(Jay-z)

you all got this album so I don’t know what more to say about it. I like all the brash songs..Haters is my favorite.Hov is at his lyrical best on this one.

9-Appeal To Reason(Rise Against)

I seen these guys open for My Chemical Romance on the Black Parade Tour and they were pretty damn good. This album is the Perfect Blend of Punk music with a message. It produced 2 of my top songs of 09 so it has to be good. Its angry, but for a reason……the greater good

8-InterChorus(The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores)

I came across this Canadian duo during the summer when we did a festival together. They dropped this 6 song Ep and I was blown away. They inspired me this year. I haven’t heard old skool punk so faithfully recreated! The songs got the perfect amount of “I Don’t Give a Fuck” the delivery of the singing. The music composed, the little hood element. It was well done. Its 6 songs and it’s hard to even pick a favorite. If you aint up on them you need to be!!!

7-You Can Do Anything(The Zutons)

The Zutons always put out dope albums. I think this one came out in 08, but they have been fronting on releasing it in the u.s. so I had a tough time getting it, but once I heard it , I felt it was well worth the work. This is the 3rd album I have from them and they keep getting better and better.Not too many bands can get away with sax without sounding like “Dirty rat” & “Put a little aside are bangers. I’m dying to see them live too.

6-Behave Yourself(Cold War Kids)

pretty much anything they do is dope. This is a 4 song ep they dropped the week before Christmas and it made my list!. I think no bands make better music for the lead singer to sing over better than the cold was kids and the Arctic Monkeys. If they decided to be hip-hop producers they would shut down the game

5-The Resistance(Muse)

if you are allowed to use the word beautiful when talking about a rock album is should go to this one. This is Epic, stadium music. Ala queen. My favorites are “unnatural selection” & “Guiding Light”. It’s an amazing sound.. I’m about albums late on these dudes, I know, I know

4-Elvis Perkins In DearLand(Elvis Perkins In Dearland)

Nobody can make a song cry like Elvis Perkins. After he did that version of “all the night without love” with the band Dearland I was so happy to hear he was recording a full album with them. Its not as full of dispare as his solo album and its still damn good. I saw these guys open for the cold war kids  and they are insane! They play about 3 instruments each! I gotta see them again

3-Billy Talent III(Billy Talent)

I was talking to some random chick and she said she was from Canada, so I said to her “have u heard of Billy talent” her and her friend laughed at “of course I have”

Nobody did hard rock in 09 like Billy talent. Saw them live in October was an incredible show. It was a mosh Pit Sing along!

Ok these last 2 were a toss up just like the top 2 songs. It coulda been either or, close ass race!

2-Battle Studies(John Mayer)

All I have to say is john went in on the lyrics on this one. The Concepts of the songs were so creative man. That dude has been living. I coulda did with the Taylor swift song though she says one line. I know it’s a cover song but “I’m on fire” is insane!!!

1-HumBug(Arctic Monkeys)

Anytime these dudes put out an album its in my top 5. The band is known for their fast hard-hitting joints then they make this mellow album and its just as good. Josh homme did so production on it..Well-done sir. “My Propeller wont spin and I cant get it started on my own/ when are u arriving?” you cant beat lines like that. Crying Lightning was insane the video too!

That it, that’s my list…….