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damn damn damn

November 17, 2009

All im gonna say is travis is the man, Enjoy!



My Favorite Team x My Favorite Clothing Brand =….

November 16, 2009

Picture 12

…more details coming soon! Congrats on #27


New Video from The Brothers Thornton

November 16, 2009

Two of my favorite dealers errr I mean rappers, Clipse are back and better then ever with the video to the Neptunes’ produced street single “Doorman”….December 8 “Till the Casket Drops” drops. Eghuckkk (Pusha T voice)


Gotta Have Them!

November 16, 2009

I dont know how i missed these this year. fresh from the vans vault!  i gotta have these. especialy the hightops in the chuckas and the deck shoe looking ones! Vans Are My Favorite!! had my first pair almost 10 years ago. hard to believe 21b36b33b


This Movie Looks so sick

November 14, 2009

I’m not usually into the mushy Drama of whatever, but i saw this trailer and it blew me away. Side note when tobey hurt his back before they were shooting the next spiderman flick, jake was up to replace him. they are the same dude so  i wouldnt have seen a


Young!!! F.O.B

November 11, 2009

Anybody that knows me know im a big ass fallout boy fan. So i had to rep and show this video. This song Alpha Dog was first heard on their “Welcome to the New Administration” mixtape they put out with Clinton Sparks last year. It was pretty damn kick ass!!! I was really shocked that it wasn’t on the new album Folie, but now when I listen to the album I know that song didnt fit. But the good news is: there are releasing it with their greatest hits album in a couple of weeks. This is the video!!! Patrick Stump is THE MAN!!!!!! By the way!!!
click to see vid

–  Pete

P.S. – Can we get “Lake Effect Kids” Too!!

Clips From The Set

November 9, 2009

Here are some pics from the set of the video for “Attack of the 5′ Hipster.” You can check out some more pics on our Flickr page by Clicking here.


– Pete

Health Care Bill Passed!!!

November 8, 2009

thank god!!this is only step one tho. if it works out 96% of Americans will be covered in some way shape or form. I’m not even gonna front like i know the ends and outs of it quite yet, but i feel so relieved. i was watching a little bit of the movie “Sicko” and it just had Me So depressed about american health care and totally packed up and ready to move to canada!!!! Check this little clip out


My Boys

November 6, 2009

the only other 2 man band in the game getting it!! I love chester french. if you dont have their album or mixtape your losing out on one of the best bands of 09. I love doing cover songs and they killed this one! cheers to you fellows!!!!

I Cant wait

November 4, 2009

I when i heard about this movie it was geeked already. then i just heard that guy richie was directing it which made it even doper. the cast is Pretty damn sick too.. Rachel McAdams Can Get it! may only issue is that he’s not wearing the world famous Sherlock Holmes Hat!!! thats like batman without the utility Belt!