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Marc Jacobs Halloween Windows

October 30, 2009

The Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker has murdered it this Halloween. Check it out before they take it down!  Click on the photos below to jump to links.

If that can’t get you in the mood, come to our show tonight at 7pm – Arlene’s Grocery!

Photo: Cynthia Drescher, Racked

Photo: Artwing NY



October 26, 2009


Pics from the set: Hipster

October 21, 2009

We started shooting the video for Attack of the 5-foot Hipster this weekend. As you can see, it’s looking crazy as only the Riot do.

Listen to the song here.

Thank you

October 16, 2009

this is May favorite song of 2009 no lie! and they made a video for it! a dope ass video at that! arctic monkeys are the shit and way more than the hype 

you are the man john mayer. i cant wait for this album. I cant front this year has been pretty good musically….well the last couple of months at least.


Paranormal Activity=OVERRATED

October 11, 2009

im sorry but this movie didnt do it for me at all

– Mercy


October 7, 2009

Just watch this BBc report that said that statistics show that Having Kids
Does not make you happier. Not only that but it lowers your happiness Fractionaly!
But apparently married life makes you happier and wait! ready for this………THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF SEX GOES UP WITH MARRAige!!!!
My world is Upside Down!

Water Dont Grow on Trees

October 1, 2009

So I went to the movies with a friend on Saturday (saw serogates not too bad. Why does Bruce Willis always get his ass kicked in every movie he does??? He’s like the most beaten up hero ever!) But anyway, so my friend went to the vending machine to get a bottle of water and how much was it?…………..wait for it……………$4.50!!!!!!!!!!
-Pete Out!

This is my shit….*Late Pass

October 1, 2009

Empire of the Suns’ album “Walking On A Dream” is amazing… *hands in another late pass