Green Movies


So Friday I went and saw the movie “The Day the earth stood still”. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t mad at it but. I noticed in 2008 we saw the rise of what I like to call Green initiative movies. These are films made where the message in the end it “BE KIND TO THE EARTH OR THE EARTH WILL DESTROY YOU”. The first film of this kind was M.knights “The Happening”. Now don’t get me wrong I love the planet as much as the next tree hugger. But when I go to see a movie and I’m expecting to see some shit blow up I wanna see Bruce Willis save the world or some tactical nuclear attack not “recycling”..but hey if this is what it takes to wake you People up then so be it!!!! But if I go see transformers 2 and the only way to stop the decepticons is to unplug all electrical devices in my crib and separate my papers and plastics I’MA BUST MICHEAL BAYS ARSE!!!!!!!



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