Nigo of A Bathing Ape Book Signing

What up world? its ur boy Mercy…yesterday was a eventful day for me…one of my favorite fashion minds in the world, the ever forward thinking Nigo of A Bathing Ape came to NY and had his booksigning in the New York Bape store…the line for it was insane!!! Dudes were camping out since 2 A.M…talk about dedication…i made it there around 8 (i overslept…dont ask)…shout out to the Bape NY family for always holding me down (Junior u a fool lol) and to the Bapetalk2 fam…its always good seeing still psyched i got to meet Nigo…check out the pics
Bapetalk2 fam: Me, Hong, and Paul…pic courtesy of Yanks
Nigo walking in Bape
 yes…..Nigo signed my government, i wanted him to write “this nigga Mercy make my shit look good” but it wouldnt have fit lol

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