First time


yes yes yal, to the beat yal and it don’t stop!!!!!!!

whats good people. this is Pete of the freshmen making my first ever blog post. Sorry this thing has been neglected we have been ultra busy, but you have my word it will be updated more often. We been so busy fine tuning some of your favorite songs and working on some new ones. Look out for “attack of the 5’3 hipster”. its a new song that i have produced and i’m really proud of it. its probably the best production i have done so far(thank you mac book, thank you logic) we also just finished up Filming the video for our song “Close-up” aka “moving targets” yesterday. its coming out pretty dope. its all blue screen so its gonna have special effects galore. I’ll post up a making of the video blog post pretty soon but for now here’s a pic or two!!. Um i was at the H&M launch for the Collaboration with Comme Des Garcon on the 13th. Camped out at 5 in the morning…But it was totally worth it got a couple of cool limited edition items including the 2 suits which i was in dire need of..You’ll be seeing those soon at a show..Speaking of shows we are rocking at arlenes grocery on 12/06!!!! Comme check us we gonna be Doing some new songs, some songs you aint heard in a while and a special song!!!! its gonna be awesome!!!. ok gotta go now. Im switching to playing guitar lefty so i gotta go practice..why am i switching???? well i been playing guitar for years as you have seen at my shows in the past and the freshmen shows..but i have been playing righty tho i’m left handed(Don’t So I’m thinking if I’m pretty damn good playing with the wrong hand i should be awesome playing with the proper one!!! so back to work i go..See ya!!

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